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Ever since I created My Fairytale Party in 2009, I sought to bring to life a fairytale character entertainment company that surpassed anything anyone had ever experienced.  I wanted to really see that pure look of amazement in children’s and parent’s eyes alike.  I put myself in the headspace of a child…what would they like, what would make them laugh, scream and wow them?  Every activity at our parties has been carefully selected and curated to make that happen.  We want to leave your families and friends feeling tingly with emotion, us having just fulfilled the birthday party you could only imagine in your dreams.  Thousands of parties later, I can say it’s an incredibly fulfilling journey to do what we do.

Each of our entertainers are carefully selected – by their experience working with children, their amazing talent and their professionalism.  They not only play their role beautifully with our handmade, intricate costumes and wigs, but they possess a real knowledge of working with children and in creating order to every party.

We hope at your My Fairytale Party to leave every guest feeling a little lighter & more fanciful than before & looking forward to the following year where we can fill magic in the air once more.  With our authenticity & passion for forming smiling faces, we know that you will find yourself coming back to us time & again.

~ From one Mom to another, thank you for supporting my business ~

Stacia Papasavas
My Fairytale Party
Creator & Owner