Planning Your Party – General Questions

What sets My Fairytale Party apart from similar companies?
Our Experience – Creator & owner Stacia began her career as a National Event Planner. Working on luxury brands gave Stacia the know-how of high-caliber event planning & detail.

Most importantly, being a Mother to a two beautiful girls has given Stacia the full-time, first-hand experience of what it takes to really entertain children!

Our Talent – Stacia was reluctant to expand the brand beyond being the sole entertainer, thus she sought not only talent that could look & play the role exceptionally, but also talent that had extensive experience working with & compassionately for children. In addition, all of the My Fairytale Party talent possess a strong talent in singing, dancing, or both.

Our Integrity & Passion – We all do this job because we LOVE it. If you are not completely satisfied, neither are we. We will do our absolute best to make every situation as positive as possible, regardless of the circumstances.

How do I book a party?
Call 973-309-3092 or click on “Book My Party Now” under the Packages tab to reserve your party. We will confirm that we received your contract.

Do you offer a location where I can hold my party?
Yes. We have partnered with several venues to offer space for our clients. They are listed under the Packages heading and then under Add-ons. Rental spaces start at $225 for 2 hours. This rate does not include our entertainment rates.

Does your entertainment include boys?
Yes. Our entertainment, although mostly princess or girl themed, offers elements of pure children’s entertainment. Additionally, we tie the prince or boy theme into our entertainment, so they often have just as good of a time as the girls – in some cases more!

What is the best time to start my party & start the entertainment?
If choosing the Ultimate Package level or higher, we suggest no later than 30 minutes into the party as the face-painting / makeup / tattoo portion can only be done one at a time. The ideal performance start time is 15 minutes into party. The entertainment portion begins once this is complete to ensure that latecomers don’t miss the show!

Planning to serve food during the face painting / makeup / tattoo portion works best or a craft can be added to keep the little ones busy while waiting. If choosing the Works or Sparkle Package, we suggest no later than an hour after the party has begun. If choosing the Magic Package, any time towards the first half of the party.

What does your dress-up include & do they get to keep them?
For our princess parties, included dress-up is tutus & tiaras for the girls & crowns & swords for the boys. Deluxe dress-up with princess gowns may be added onto parties less than 15 for an additional $50. Wings will be used in place of tiaras for the Ivy Fairy parties. The tutu & tiara/wing dress-up sets are available as an add-on for $10 & make a great goody bag option!


Preparing Your Party – After You’ve Booked Questions

How will my party be confirmed?
We will send you a confirmation email by the Monday  prior to your party (for weekend parties) or 3 days prior to weekday parties.

When do you need to know my RSVPs?
We ask that you reply to our confirmation email with your final count by the Wednesday 10:00 am latest prior to your party (for weekend parties) or 3 days prior to weekday parties . Adding on last minute RSVPs cannot guarantee them a dress-up set however we will try our hardest to accommodate all requests.

What age child “counts” in my RSVPs?
If you think the child will participate in having either face painting, makeup or a tattoo you should count them. If you know they will want to get dressed up they should be counted. Our over-time rate is $25 per 15 minutes.

Are there any additional fees I should expect above & beyond the package rate?
A Travel Fee of $50 will be incurred for parties further than 75 minutes outside of Livingston, NJ and $75 for parties further than 100 minutes. We use www.maps.google.com to determine this. A minimum $50 travel fee will be applied for all parties in New York & Connecticut, regardless of distance. Parking Fees are to be reimbursed by the client.

Ultimate parties with more than 10 children will have an additional $5 fee per child.  All-Out parties with more than 10 children will have an additional fee of $12 per child.  Don’t Lift a Finger parties with more than 10 children will have an additional fee of $27 per child.

Add-Ons inclusive but not limited to additional characters, baked goods, goody bags, crafts, horse & carriage rental, princess phone calls are not included in the base price but will be determined & provided in your final total with your confirmation.

What is your cancellation policy?
Cancellations after submitting your Reservation Request will result in loss of your deposit. We require at least 2 hours notice prior to the entertainment start time if you choose to cancel due to weather or another emergency.

What happens if bad weather arises or another emergency?
We use www.weather.com as a guide for bad weather. If it is advised to not travel due to a weather advisory we will not travel, however we will work with you to re-book a better time. In case of a weather storm watch we will contact you about any possible changes in the party details.

Rare situations occur in everyone’s lives, however if there is an emergency with your entertainer, we will do our absolute best to fill their absence. We will always work with you to come the best solution.

What type of set-up do you require?
Wide, open space is best for our entertainment portion. With face painting / makeup / tattoos, please have a table for our arts case & two chairs facing each other. Kindly set these up in advance.


Day of Your Party – Entertainment Questions

What should I expect when the Entertainer arrives?
The Entertainer will arrive no later than 10 minutes prior to the performance start time & will call the phone number that you provided on your Agreement. If there is no answer, she will greet you at your door! For ball-gown princesses, we will arrive no later than 15 minutes before the performance start time to get dressed. Kindly have a space in mind for this.

Is your face paint & makeup safe for children?
We strive to not only make your party as enjoyable and memorable as possible, but we pay close attention to ensuring we also provide the safest environment for your children. All of our face-paint & makeup is hypoallergenic & a high-quality grade. We are not liable however, for any allergic reaction that may occur.

What should I expect with the entertainment?
Well-orchestrated show-stopping fun! We provide our own BOSE sound system and everything is set to fun, child-friendly music that scales the emotions of amazement, silliness & heart-felt memories in the making. Expect a party that is entertaining for everyone!

What if I want my Entertainer to stay longer?
If our day’s schedule allows, we will gladly accommodate such a request. The additional rate will be $25 per 15 minutes per character.

What do you recommend as gratuity for my Entertainer?
10% – 20% of the base rate would be greatly appreciated.